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After years in the promotional business and following a high number of specific enquiries regarding coasters and beermats, the principals were of the opinion that beermats were a greatly under valued and under utilised advertising medium. Much of which could be directly attributed to the reactive and perhaps complacent approach of beermat suppliers and promotional goods companies.

To set to rights this imbalance, the founders formed Thirsty's cc and set about proactively promoting coasters and beermats as a low cost, high impact, alternative to traditional marketing and promotional tools. To ensure that the products were accessible to both small and medium sized business, Thirsty's developed a unique manufacturing process allowing beermats and coasters to be produced in much smaller quantities without the usual price premium attached to production.

We can print full colour beermat board coasters from a minimum quantity of 2500 units; this is completely unique in the world as the thick absorbent board is printed using the lithoprint method as it is too thick to digitally print at a reasonable rate.

Everyone at Thirsty's is passionate about the product, with an equal measure of enthusiasm, ensuring that our beermats and coasters are promoted in a way that ensures that our customers receive a genuine and tangible return on their investment.

Who We Are

Our Products

Beermats & Dripmats

This item is the most cost effective and popular coaster. The highly absorbent board makes this the ideal coaster to use in any location. click here for more information.

Cork Backed

These  coasters have a cork base mounted onto a chipboard and then topped with a laminated full colour print. The are commonly used for gifting or promotions. click here for more information.

Paper Coasters

Paper coasters can be supplied as  52gsm paper coaster, a 4 ply tissue paper with a poly laminated back or a 120gsm blotting paper. click here for more information.

Rubber Coasters

These coasters are rubber backed with a hard laminated top including a full colour print. These are commonly used in the office or for promotional use. click here for more information.


Beermat Stats and Figures

Our Beermat board is 100% recyclable
The year the first beermat was patented
The estimated billions of beermats produced each year
The minimum number of beermats we can produce in one go!