Good Ideas

The versatile beermat is not just a branding tool.

Have you ever thought of these applications?

  • Product Launches: A product picture in FULL COLOUR
  • Business Cards: A card that will be on your customers desk all day long
  • Info Card: Branch telephone numbers, department heads, etc
  • Quick Reference Card e.g. press F7 to print, etc
  • Competitions: "collect all six coasters and"
  • Order Form: "tick the product and post to"
  • Invitation: "bring this coaster and join us at"
  • Recipe Card: with your product as one of the ingredients
  • New Chairman: your staff will see his face in full-colour every morning!
  • Change of Address Notification: "We have moved"
  • Exhibition Info Card: with a map to the stand
  • Special Offers: "get 5% off when you bring this coaster to"
  • Staff Reminder for large organisations: "customer is king"
  • Joint Promotions: eg: Airline and Travel Agent on a special package.
  • Brainteasers: crosswords, join the dots or go through the maze, etc
  • Raising Awareness: "Did you know?"
  • Crime Prevention: Emergency numbers or local police station
  • Community Campaigns: Dont Drink and Drive, etc
  • Shopping Malls: Reminder of upcoming events or sales.

They have a much longer life than many forms of advertising media, they cost less and they have more than just one function!

And where to distribute your powerful little marketing messages:

  • Magazine/Newspaper inserts It will fall on the readers lap so they cannot miss it!
  • In billing or statement runs The advantage of repeat business from existing customers.
  • Mail shots Coasters protect desks too!
  • Knock-n-Drops To office complexes or under doors.
  • Hospitality Suites Conversation piece at football matches, etc
  • Handouts At shopping malls, exhibitions, traffic lights or special functions.

Good Ideas